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About Circid

Who Built Circid and Why?

Circid was built in 2016 by a team of developers, marketers and web consultants servicing client-based (small business to enterprise) web design and development projects. Over the years we have worked on close to a hundred web projects, becoming familiar with both common problems and winning strategies. Circid's monitoring and optimization tools were originally built to support our own web and e-commerce projects. In 2016 decided to release these our own software and infrastructure as public tools one-by-one.

That we continue to create and maintain websites for a wide range of companies is our advantage; staying on the front lines of development and ecommerce keeps us connected the ever-changing challenges that businesses face so that we can offer the most useful solutions

Circid is in Beta? What Features are Available?

Our tools are being built and we feel that before we start charging consumers for our products, we want to get everything right.

Currently, our Uptime Monitoring tool is available to the public at no charge.

What Features are Coming Soon and When?

We are working hard in order to release new features.

We can expect our SSL checker and image compression tools to be available Q1 2017.

What languages do you support?

Please make sure that FAQ specify english langage only. Chinese coming soon. (originally thought that chinese would be in version 1.0)

Getting Started

How Do I Setup an Account?

Coming Soon...

How to Monitor / Getting Started Guide

Coming Soon...

How Do i Setup a New Uptime Monitor?

Coming Soon...

What Locations Does Circid Perform its Uptime Monitoring From?

Coming Soon...

Account Questions

How do i Cancel my Account?

Please submit your request via the contact form

Other Questions

How do I contact Circid?

Please visit our contact page

Can i suggest a new feature?

We appreciate your feedback. Please submit your request via the contact form

Cost and Fees?

Circid is currently available free of charge while we're in beta. Prior to Circid leaving beta, pricing fees will be announced on our website and in email update to all users.